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Attachement being detached on login 
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I haven't noticed anything changing outfits.xml between sessions using Notepad++, but I did notice when I teleport, outfit.xml is changed. The size goes from 3,430 to 1,142. Sometimes it takes more than one teleport. It get's smaller each time. The prims are still attached and others can see them but outfit.xml isn't it's normal size. I've had to rewear, or sometimes replace outfit before logging off, to have outfit.xml recreated and written to disk at it's normal size of 3,430. I haven't been able to recreate this without transporting yet,but I'm sure it will eventually.

Here is a log of logging in, all attachments are attached, I teleport to another region, where outfit.xml shrinks but all my attachments are still attached. I rewore the attachments but that didn't work so I replaced outfit twice to get outfits.xml back to normal size.

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2013-06-13 11:48:11

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AHHhh !... Yes, I can now reproduce the bug, and it is indeed a server-side bug (in fact there are even two bugs !): for a start, there should not be any reattach message sent by the server to the viewer after a TP !!!... TPs don't attach or reattach objects on avatars... This is a protocol violation when compared to what happens (and always happened) in SL.

In such a case (the viewer properly diagnosing it as "same object reattached"; see the corresponding lines in the log), the viewer yet obeys the server and removes the object from the attachments list, then it waits for the addChild event from the server that normally always follows such an attach event to re-add the child object (the attachment is one of the avatar's child objects) at which point the object is re-added to the attachments list (and to avoid annoying flickering effects, the viewer doesn't de-render the attachments while it awaits for the server addChild event)... Problem: OpenSim doesn't send any addChild event after such a duplicate attach event (probably considering that since the object was already attached, it doesn't need to do it), which is another OpenSim bug.
The viewer then got missing attachments in its internal attachments list (causing the server and the viewer to disagree on what the avatar is actually wearing, and also causing rendered attachments to become 'phantom' ones for the viewer, which could well cause other issues as far as scripted attachments are concerned), and my outfit saving code properly removes the entries for these "removed" attachments...

I implemented a work-around for this server-side-double-bug, that seems to be solving the issue. This work around will be part of the next releases.

2013-06-13 14:46:53
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Great! Thanks Henri.

2013-06-13 22:51:02
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