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v1.30.0.4 radar issue
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Author:  Amalia Illios [ 2022-06-25 13:34:47 ]
Post subject:  v1.30.0.4 radar issue

Hello Henri,

might it be that the changes you did for the new Lua radar functions had a detrimental effect on chat alerts? I have chat alerts enabled for avatars entering/exiting the sim, and I am seeing the entire list of avatars present being dumped to chat (double even, I think) whenever the communications floater is restored (toggling with either the history button / Ctrl-H or IM button / Ctrl-T).


Author:  Henri Beauchamp [ 2022-06-25 14:21:12 ]
Post subject:  Re: v1.30.0.4 radar issue

Drat... Not using Radar annoncements myself (I find them too spammy), I did not notice this...

This bug is not related to the new Lua feature, but to an optimization I made: the friend and muted status are cached for each avatar in the list instead of being re-checked each time the list is refreshed, but as a result the Radar also observes mute and friend lists events and rebuilds the list each time one such event is triggered... A refresh (instead of a full list clearing and rebuild) is needed, to avoid the announcements.

It will be fixed in next releases. In the mean time, and if you build the viewer yourself, you can change the HBFloaterRadar::onChange() method in indra/newview/hbfloaterradar.cpp to read:
// Mute list observer
void HBFloaterRadar::onChange()
   for (avatar_list_t::iterator iter = mAvatars.begin(), end = mAvatars.end();
       iter != end; ++iter)
      const LLUUID& avid = iter->first;
      HBRadarListEntry& entry = iter->second;
      entry.mMuted = LLMuteList::isMuted(avid);
      entry.mFriend = LLAvatarTracker::isAgentFriend(avid);

Author:  Amalia Illios [ 2022-06-25 15:59:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: v1.30.0.4 radar issue

Hello again Henri,

thank you for looking into it so quickly and providing a fix. It works like a charm. And yes, it is somewhat spammy a feature, but it does have its uses when keeping an eye on a place as an admin. :D


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