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Odd behaviour when editing HUD's 
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Henri, I seem to have an odd behaviour with the latest (Cool VL Viewer v1.30.2.28, 64 bits, Sep 23 2023 17:00:03) viewer.

If I try to change a texture on a HUD the texture picker goes all crazy. Sorry, no log (I know, bad practice!), but I have reproducible steps below:

1. Rez a new cube in world.
2. Select texture on one face (any face)
3. Apply a texture from your inventory to this face
4. Stop editing the cube
5. Re-edit and select the texture you just applied
6. Click for picking a new texture (you do not have to apply it, just get the picker up)
6. Notice it all behaves normally and as expected (it will mark your applied texture in the picker)
7. Take the cube back into invent (named so you can find it)
8. Attach the cube as a HUD (I used center2, doesn't really matter I think)
9. Turn the cube as needed to see the texture you applied (unless you applied it to all faces, I tested a single face because that was how I found this out when I was updating a PPS MAP navigation HUD)
10. Edit it directly on the screen and select your texture
11. When texture picker opens it will show the wrong texture and flicker around like it is constantly reloading the list of textures.

It does work as expected with the previous viewer version (.27) where I can swap texture directly on the HUD the same way as on the rezzed cube.

Any thoughts?

2023-09-29 17:41:52

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I cannot reproduce it here, but probably because you used a permission-restricted texture (no-mod or no-tfr)...

The latest releases include a fix by LL to forbid adding permission-restricted texture to a HUD, the reason being that to abide by the permission, the texture must be copied into the prim to which face it is added, and you cannot do this with an attached object (which exists both as an inventory object and an in-world object; only the second would see its own inventory updated).

I will see about the flickering issue though, since this should not happen... Tried it here, and no, it does not flicker either... :?:

2023-09-29 18:34:25
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Joined: 2012-08-08 17:51:35
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I have used full perm textures uploaded by myself, so permissions should not be an issue, but you never know with SL :)

I will come back after the regular steps... catching log, screen capture to show what I see, perhaps try a reinstall to see if it goes away... And report any findings.

Thanks for looking into it Henri. Some times it's good with more than one set of eyes ^^

2023-09-29 19:31:40

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Could reproduce it, finally !

To get it to reproduce, the "Apply immediately" check box in the Texture picker floater needs to be un-checked...

I found the bug (in LL's code) and fixed it for next release.

2023-09-29 19:49:26
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Henri you are super!!!

Good catch, I was just about to get some logs (which showed nothing out of the ordinary really) and thought about setting up a screen capture to get a "live show" to help.
I could have thought about the checkbox, oh well learning all the time even after 16 years of SL :)

Thanks for the good work Henri. I am one of those really appreciating it.
(And that goes for the work you do with Animats and Monty as well, but I don't do that forum. :lol:

2023-09-29 20:03:14
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