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Rules (please, READ THIS before reporting a bug !!!)
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Author:  Henri Beauchamp [ 2009-03-17 19:21:40 ]
Post subject:  Rules (please, READ THIS before reporting a bug !!!)

This forum is for reporting bugs specific to the Cool VL Viewer (such specific bugs shall not be reported on LL's official viewer JIRA)

Before posting a new topic in the bug reports forum, please:

  • Do make sure that there is not already a topic in this forum dealing with the issue you want to report: if you find such an existing topic, just append your bug report to it, but do not create a new topic !

  • Make sure that the issue is specific to the Cool VL Viewer: if the bug was already reported in the official JIRA, please do not report the bug here !
    If and only if you see the same bug happening with both the Cool VL Viewer and Linden Lab's official viewer and you found no JIRA entry for it, please create a new JIRA entry for LL's viewer bug and simply give a pointer (a link) to that entry in this forum.

  • Make sure you are using the latest release of the Cool VL Viewer (check the Announcements forum for new releases). Old releases are not supported at all !
    Note: the release number is the last number in the version string (e.g. in v1.26.4.68, the release number is 68 and the version/branch is 1.26.4).

When reporting a bug:

  • Copy and paste in your post the info about your computer and viewer that you will find inside the "About this viewer" window of the viewer (go to the "Help" entry of the menu bar and choose the "About..." entry in the menu to pop up the "About this viewer" window).

  • Always provide the log files: CoolVLViewer.log(1) and, for crash bugs, stack_trace.log(2) (Linux) or CoolVLViewer.dmp (Windows) as attached files in your post (you might have to zip the files before attaching them, because there is a size limit to attachments). Without the logs and, when appropriate, the crash log/dump, the issue cannot be investigated. See this wiki page for the logs location.

  • Give a clear and precise, step by step reproduction procedure for the bug you encounter (and if you see the bug happening in a specific location on the grid, provide that location name and coordinates: some crashes may be due to specific objects around your avatar or to specific media streams, or anything "environmental", and I won't be able to reproduce such crashes in a different environment).

  • If you know when the bug appeared (in which Cool VL Viewer release) or can see that your bug does not reproduce in a former release, then please quote the last working version number.

(1) The log may bear a slightly different name when the viewer crashes. It may appear as "CoolVLViewer_NNNN.log", NNNN being a number corresponding to the process Id. Just post the log with the newest time stamp (i.e. the one corresponding to the crash you just experienced) if you got several such logs in your log directory.

(2) If you are running the viewer under Linux and got an empty stack_trace.log after a crash (this may happen, sometimes, when the bug messes up even the stack trace logger), you may help by running the viewer under gdb, proceeding as follow:
  • Make sure gdb is installed on your system.
  • From a terminal (xterm, gnome-terminal, kterm, etc), change ("cd") to the viewer installation directory and type ./cool_vl_viewer --debug
  • Once gdb got the viewer loaded, type "run" and then use the viewer as usual till it crashes (the display will "freeze" forever when it does).
  • Go back to the terminal and type "bt" to get the stack trace.
    Note: it may happen that the viewer did not actually crash but instead got caught in an infinite loop: in this event, just type CTRL C in the gdb terminal to get the prompt and be able to type "bt" to get the stack trace. Also make sure to tell, in your bug report, that the viewer was caught in an infinite loop instead of crashing.
  • Post that stack trace (copy the relevant lines from the terminal window, then paste them into the message body of the new post form of the forum).

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