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Author:  Henri Beauchamp [ 2014-08-02 09:31:47 ]
Post subject:  Experience tools support

Once again (I should now say, "as usual"), the Cool VL Viewer is the first TPV to provide you with SL's latest and newest feature... Today, it's Experiences and Experiences Tools support.

Note that, for now, Experience Tools are still in Beta (but nonetheless present and working on the main SL grid). It means that the implementation could change in part before it gets officially released.

Also, since I'm not owning any region/estate (only a small main land parcel), and was not (yet ?) sent a private experience key by LL to test experiences creation, I could only test exhaustively the non-creator-side of the Experience Tools; if you are a participant in the XP-Tools Beta, please let me know if you encounter any issue with the Cool VL Viewer (in fact, you might be pleasingly surprised, because I fixed bugs in LL's code... such as a problem with scripts uploading and with experience location displaying/updating).

So, where are the tools ?... Here:
  • There's a new "Experiences..." entry in the "World" menu: clicking on it will open the "Experiences" floater which allows to search for existing experiences, list what experiences you allowed, blocked, are a contributor for, or are owning, and also to list the experiences-related events that occurred in the past few days and that affected your avatar.
  • There is a new "Experiences" tab in the following floaters: the "About Land" (parcel settings) floater, the "Region Info" (region/estate settings) floater and the "Group Info" floater.
  • There is a new check box (and, when the latter is checked, a new combo and button) in the live scripts editor (i.e. in the script editor used to edit in-world (rezzed) objects scripts).
  • There are new notifications, which pop-up when you are proposed to participate to an experience, or when some experience-related events occur.

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