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OS X Version support 

What OS-X version are you using ?
10.5 (Leopard) 15%  15%  [ 2 ]
10.6 (Snow Leopard) 23%  23%  [ 3 ]
10.7 (Lion) 15%  15%  [ 2 ]
10.8 (Mountain Lion) 46%  46%  [ 6 ]
Total votes : 13

OS X Version support 
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as all the apple users know, Apple is pretty aggressive in deprecating older versions of its system.

This usually means, it is pretty hard to provide any software for lots of OS X versions, e.g. 10.5-10.8.

I would like to get an impression, on which OS X version the users of the Cool VL Viewer are,
to help with deciding about dropping 10.5 (or even 10.6) and support in the future and moving
to a newer XCode 4.x/Clang based build chain. It is not an imminent plan, but could happen
if nearly no one uses 10.5 anymore or technical issues force it.

So, please comment with the version of OS X you are using and how likely you will upgrade to Lion or Mountain Lion (10.7 or 10.8).

For reference: (

Leopard = 10.5
Snow Leopard = 10.6
Lion = 10.7
Mountain Lion = 10.8


2013-04-25 10:06:06

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Just want to say thank you, Kathrine, for the OS X builds! :)

(10.8.3 here)

2013-04-26 17:14:14

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Thank you Katherine for providing the OSX builds! And thanks to Henri too, for Cool VL Viewer! Without Cool VL Viewer, SL had really gotten tedious on my older iMac.

I'm still running Snow Leopard, and at the moment I have absolutely no plans to upgrade. I like 10.6.8 and neither of the two newer cats have offered any features compelling enough for me to want to upgrade. Further, there's one legacy application that I use which relies on Rosetta, so I'd lose that if I did upgrade.

FWIW, I have got set up so I can compile Cool VL Viewer, and usually compile the Legacy branch from the diff every week. I just do the Legacy as that's the only version that runs really well on my system.


2013-04-27 15:29:32

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Yes, I'm still on 10.6.8 and I don't plan to upgrade my older iMac.

And as others have said, thank you Katherine for the Mac builds.

2013-04-28 04:37:29

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Hi kathrine
I am so happy we get a post from you (I feared you were kidnapped by E.T.)
Here, i use 10.8...and i dont plan to downgrade to older osx :mrgreen:
best regards

2013-04-30 17:32:38

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Latest version of MacOS X :)

2013-04-30 17:50:17

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Thank you Thank you! So glad you compile for Mac!
I'm on 10.8 ((As much as I LOVED 10.6, I was forced to upgrade))

2013-05-01 04:41:58

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I'm on 10.8 Mountain Lion

Thank you for the work you do on this. Cool has long been my favorite viewer.


2013-05-03 05:05:02

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Wow! I'm 17% all by myself! *grins* Still on Leopard here, not even the snow one. Mac used for work too, so since it works, we're not touching anything… I will probably have to upgrade soon though, my Mac Book Pro is really starting to get old, and Apple hardware is no more what it used to be…

2013-05-03 10:54:47

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Hi everyone,

i experimented a bit with newer compiler settings/compilers to make it easier to build the viewer with recent changes.

See this

Please give it a try if you can, and comment on any issues with it.
It should run with most Macs available (any model released 2007 or newer having at least a Core2 cpu), running at least 10.5,
but if there is interest i can also reduce optimization again so it runs on older Intel CPUs.

It is easier to keep up with current changes if i can simply switch from the 2005 gcc-4.0 to at least the 2007 llvm-gcc-4.2.


2013-05-10 09:38:15
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