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Shared media support 
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Once again, the Cool VL Viewer is the first v1 UI viewer to implement a v3 viewer's feature; today, it's shared media (AKA "media on a prim") !

The Cool VL Viewer v1.26.5.20 is the first release to support shared media. The current implementation seems to be working pretty well already, but it still lacks a few minor things:
  • The media HUD (AKA "media controls" in v3 viewers) still lacks an audio volume slider and only exists in one form (v3 controls exists in two forms: a standard one and a "mini" one).
  • In the media settings floater, the media preview is not presented as a thumbnail as it should (instead, the media is presented unscaled), and the Edit tools floater (Texture tab) also lacks a media preview thumbnail (that should replace the texture preview when editing a media face) should allow editing the texture, even when the face bears a shared media.

There are also probably a few bugs, so feel free to report them (in the bug reports forum), or a few differences with how shared media works in v3 viewers (feel free to list them in this thread).

2012-11-24 13:47:57
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Today's release (v1.26.5.21) brings us closer to a full shared media implementation:

  • Shared media support toggling does not need any more a viewer restart to take effect (if there are shared media objects around you, you will still need to teleport away and back in so that the change takes effect on them; also, if you were wearing shared media objects on your avatar, you will have to detach and reattach them after toggling the shared media support in the settings).
  • The media settings floater now properly shows the thumbnail preview of the edited media, and media with sounds are muted in the preview (since they will also play on the prim, you don't want to hear them twice simultaneously).
  • The tools floater (texture tab) now allows to edit the texture of a face that also bears a shared media. Also, when the shared media support is disabled in the viewer settings, the texture tab doesn't show the (unusable) media settings buttons.
  • The media HUD now shows in its full form (with all media control buttons) when hovering the mouse pointer on a face with a shared media configured to show the "standard" media controls. When the media is configured to show the "mini" controls, the media HUD shows in its minimized form until you select the face or use the zoom button of the HUD, causing the latter to switch to its full form.
  • The media HUD got a volume slider added, that appears when you hover the mouse pointer on its (un)mute button.
  • The navigate backward/forward ("<-" and "->" icons) buttons of the media HUD now properly behave as skip backward/forward buttons for streaming media.
  • The media HUD now also properly shows when hovering the mouse pointer on a shared media that is not yet started (it failed to show in the first implementation, which made it impossible to play non-auto-play shared media).
  • The URL of the shared media is shown in the tool tip for the media HUD button that allows to open it in a web browser window (I find this preferable to the v3's way that shows the URL in a very large and cumbersome field in its (huge) media controls).
  • Various other cosmetic fixes have been applied to the media HUD (zooming logic, fading out algorithm, etc).

Still (and last) on the "ToDo list", is the nearby media floater.

2012-12-01 16:39:46
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Today's releases (both v1.26.5.22 and v1.26.4.42) include the final, full-fledged shared media implementation !

New in these releases:
  • The "media HUD controls" panel now properly works for objects worn on the viewer HUD. A new "un-zoom" icon was also added for the zoom/un-zoom button.
  • New remote controls for shared media have been added to the overlay bar. When there are shared media around and shared media support is enabled in the preferences; the remote controls appear. They contain a small button (representing a primitive with a media play icon over it) that allows to toggle the new nearby media floater (see below), a green check button that allows to enable (enable, not start: only auto-start media will start when enabled) all nearby shared media at once, and a red cross button that allows to disable all nearby shared media at once. Note that these buttons do not affect parcel media for the current parcel (on the contrary, parcel media playing on other parcels are considered like shared media and are affected by the shared media controls) neither parcel audio, since these have their own controls already.
  • The "Nearby Media" floater has been implemented (can be opened/closed via the "View" -> "Nearby Media"menu entry, or via the shared media remote controls). When compared to v3's, it has been expanded with a media URL input line for shared media (in v3, this input field is in the huge (yuck !) media HUD), and to differentiate between media used on HUD objects your avatar is wearing and other media (in v3, media used on HUD objects might appear as either "in parcel" or "outside parcel" media, depending whether the current parcel includes the <0,0> sim coordinate or not...).
  • The shared media preferences in the "Preferences" floater "Audio & Media" tab have been properly reorganized and their enable/disable logic has been corrected.

2012-12-08 15:28:19
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