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Question about menus (dialogues)
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Author:  Phil Deakins [ 2022-06-13 17:03:30 ]
Post subject:  Question about menus (dialogues)

For many years, other viewers have menus that don't scroll when the text and buttons in them can't all fit in the default space. Instead of bringing up a scroll bar, they expand downwards to fit. The Cool VL Viewer doesn't expand downwards. Instead it adds a vertical scroll bar. I can't really remember but I suspect that that's what LL's V1 viewer did. Does the Cool VL Viewer have an option anywhere to make menus expand downwards, and not add a scrollbar?

The reason I ask is because my recent products (from many years) often need to have the whole text and buttons displayed, and none of it only accessible with the scroll bar.

Because of it, I use the Cool VL Viewer for normal use but I have to change to another (LL's viewer) when I'm creating.

Thank you

Phil Deakins.

Author:  Henri Beauchamp [ 2022-06-13 17:13:21 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about menus (dialogues)

I'm afraid I do not see what you are speaking about... What menus ?... What is the problem with the scroll bars ?... Why would the menus need to be changed to not use scroll bars ?...

Author:  Phil Deakins [ 2022-06-13 17:48:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about menus (dialogues)

Sorry. I wasn't clear enough. I write scripts when I create stuff, and the scripts produce dialogs (menus). It's in those dialogs that the vertical scroll bar appears when the text and buttons together are too much to fit.

I can demonstrate it inworld right now if you can log in.

Author:  Henri Beauchamp [ 2022-06-13 20:23:03 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about menus (dialogues)

And what exactly is the problem with the scroll bar ?... llDialog() limits the message length to 512 bytes anyway, so you can't really display a wall of text in script notifications/dialogs.

Note also that you can always use the "NotifyBoxHeight" (*) debug setting to make the notifications (but not just script ones) taller...

(*) EDIT: starting with v1.28.2.75/v1.30.0.4 the script dialogs size are now governed by independent "ScriptDialogHeight" and "ScriptDialogWidth" settings.

Author:  Phil Deakins [ 2022-06-13 21:57:28 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about menus (dialogues)

Here are 2 screen bits, both of the same menu but taken in 2 different viewers:-

The first one is in the Cool VL Viewer

The second one is in the LL viewer

The second one does what other viewers do, and expand the menu size down to fit everything in, The Cool VL Viewer doesn't expand the size. Instead is adds a vertical scrollbar.

I didn't know about the 512 byte limit. Many of the dialogs/menus in my products expand, but I've never reached that limit.

I was simply asking if the Cool VL Viewer has an option to expand the dialog instead of adding the scrollbar. I didn't think it would have because it's pretty much sticking the V1, and I think that's what the V1 viewer did. The debug setting isn't what I was looking for. I was looking for a simple setting that I could tell to any customers who may point it out to me. It doesn't matter though. Nobody has yet mentioned it, but I thought I'd ask :)

Author:  Henri Beauchamp [ 2022-06-13 22:22:35 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about menus (dialogues) does not work with my browser, so I cannot view your pictures...

But there is no option to disable the scroll bars, and there won't be any...

Author:  Phil Deakins [ 2022-06-14 07:28:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Question about menus (dialogues)

It's ok, Henri. I didn't think there would be an option somewhere, but it didn't hurt to ask :)

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