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[Solved] Disabled RLV turns on again after relog 
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Not sure if this should go in the RestrainedLove topic or here, but since it's a misbehavior I'll assume it belongs in the bug reports section.

The last few versions, I've had RLV-enabled toys re-enable RLV after I disabled it. I don't know how far back this goes because it's not something I usually need to do -- I intentionally leave RLV on and my relay set to auto-accept so that I can't cheat my way out of any restrictions. But recently someone attached an outfit to me (by way of giving me a folder named #RLV/whatever) and the unlock mechanism didn't work right. So I turned off RLV, shut down, and restarted. The locking portion once again locked on and reasserted all the other restrictions:

In the Preferences/Cool Features/RestrainedLove menu, RestrainedLove Mode is still unchecked.

Restarted again, and quickly detached the problem attachment... but after the 10-second window elapsed, it pulled itself back out of inventory and reattached itself, once again locked in place.

Can the above RLV commands override the disabled RLV? I first noticed it in, so I installed .38 and still had the problem, then I went to and the problem persists. In settings_coolvlviewer_1264.xml (and 1265.xml) the RestrainedLove key value is zero; I also tried removing it entirely and that had no effect.

Is it something I'm doing wrong, or a bad RLV script, or have I discovered a bug? If you need me to I can try with other devices and see if it's just this one or the same thing happens with all auto-attach/locking stuff.

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2012-11-18 21:53:21

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Once disabled, RestrainedLove cannot be enabled again via scripts (you have to enable it manually and relog). The fact that an attachment gets reattached on relog is normal (it's the outfit restoration routine used for multiple attachments and multiple clothing layers that kicks in 10s after the server reattached the first attachment/layer). Just wait 30s or so after relog and then you can detach anything.

Of course, if you switch from one viewer version for the other and they use different settings files (such as v1.26.4.x and v1.26.5.y), then you can relog with a viewer for which Restrained Love was not disabled.

Beside the above, I can't tell what you did wrong without proper logs (follow the rules)...

2012-11-18 22:24:13
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OK, a little more information. Apparently it is *not* re-enabling RLV. What was happening was, I would disable RLV and relog, and as soon as I rezzed I would detach the item. Then the 10-second option kicked in and it reattached, and I saw the RLV commands in debug mode, and I got the message it says in chat telling me that I was locked in.

What I didn't think to do was test and see if it really was locked on! Like an idiot I just took it for granted that the RLV commands I saw and the message it displayed were accurate. This time I waited for it to reattach and tell me I was locked in, then I clicked... and had no problem removing it. So I guess this can be flagged as resolved; the lesson here is don't try to detach an RLV item within the first few seconds of logging on.

2012-11-18 22:26:22
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