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Separate Avatar Name Display Options
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Author:  sayrahparx [ 2019-08-06 22:24:58 ]
Post subject:  Separate Avatar Name Display Options

Would it be possible to have two option groups for displaying legacy name/display name? One setting option for name tags, profiles and radar, and another setting option for chat and IM? In other words, being able to see names one way on avatars and profiles, and another way in chat and IM.

For example, I don't want display names anywhere in chat and IM, because they can be changed and therefore are worthless for long-term identity. They are also very distracting to read. So I'm very grateful for the legacy name only option. I made my personal radar show display names along with the legacy name, so I can still usually tell who people are when they're around and that helps me associate their display names with their legacy names. But it would be very helpful to see display names in name tags and profiles to be able to get to know people easier, since a lot of people like display names. It would be especially helpful when looking up people who aren't around.

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