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Feature Request: Text mode 
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Good morning,

after using the Radegast-'Text' client (it has a 3d viewer as well, which can be activated and shut down again) I would like to ask if it would be possible to have an option, even better a keyboard shortcut to shut the rendering engine down or put into a suspended state (frozen picture would be as good as long as the other things like chat and IM would be still working). Unfortunately Radegast seems to have stopped development and is still in a buggy state from my point of view. The basic idea is great, nonetheless.

Background is that I use several different machines, during the day a netbook with AMD E2-1800 and at home a Quadcore with more than sane power. As I spend most time roleplaying, text and IMs are far more important than the visuals, but the core abilities like moving and from time to time 3d view would be absolutely neccessary. With the small machine, it would be a true benefit. I think there are also several old Laptops or netbooks around that would make SL playable or a better experience with this feature. Also some tablets seem to come up with Linux on them, and those could benefit as well from the far lower power consumption then, batterywise.

Thank you for your attention,

2013-01-11 07:52:21

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No, the graphics in a graphical viewer cannot be shut down like that. There's a "headless" (drone) mode that the viewer is supposed to be capable of working in, but I never tested it and you can't either switch graphics on once started in this mode.

As for Radegast, I didn't hear or read anywhere that it would not be developed further any more...

2013-01-11 09:09:43
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But is there a way to make a light mode in witch the engine will render just basic stuff at a verry low detail? The closest thing to that is to turn off volume rendering and character, but the bad thing is you will not be able to render or see the movment of avatars (including ur own) if u turn off character. So a good mix in my opinion will be a option that will render just ur avatar and keep the other ones as clouds or just name tags.

2013-01-11 14:13:37

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I'm not interested in crippling the viewer, sorry.

2013-01-11 14:59:46
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Latif Khalifa is the lead developer of Radegast, however, he is also currently working with Siana and Shyotl on the Singularity Viewer project.

Also, if you are working in the Android OS environment, give the Lumiya Viewer a try.

Btw, you can always drop Cool VL Viewer down to Low graphics in order to put less strain on your netbooks graphics capability ?

2013-01-12 00:31:03

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And Latif doesn't seem to be dropping Radegast support either: see this message in the opensource-dev mailing list.

2013-01-12 09:39:50
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sorry for digging this.

I would be very happy to test the headless mode, and wouldn't require to switch to graphics
simply because Radegast is so instable on linux in my own experience ( not blaming Radegast, but it's unstable on different distros and different levels of libraries. Early 2022 experience )

how do we activate it ?
I couldn't find any headl word in conf txt or xml files ..

thanks !

2022-05-20 09:36:43

Joined: 2009-03-17 18:42:51
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Re-read the above reply of mine. There is no (and will never be) any head-less (graphics-less) mode in the Cool VL viewer. This won't make any sense and the whole supporting code got gutted out years ago anyway.

2022-05-20 10:14:47
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