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Author:  zeusdarkfire [ 2012-09-01 14:00:04 ]
Post subject:  feature request

*blinks and wawes* to everyone!! First of all i gotta say: holy moly this viewer rox out of my fps, i simply LOVE it, i tried every single viewer and only this one works for me but i would like to be able to add 3 features from what i saw in nirans viewer if its possiable:
1st:camera top view so you can see from above avatar when you moving like on this video:

2nd: is "simple" add in debug settings called:rotation movement speed like in here:

3rd: is combat rpg mode of movement avatar where for example in normal SL using wasd for movement and if you wanna rotati it faster you have to hold on shift and here is totally different without holding shift you move and rotate with q and e, i dunno how to expalin it but the movement feel totally different/faster and smooter, gotta try it to see the differance :) really dunno how to explain it but it upload picture to show what i mean
basiclly what i mean would be movement like in mouselock with camera around so you could move and turn camera around how you like, as i did reserch and some mouses can do that with second life but my guess is if its possiable to do it with mouselock why not be possiable without mouselock witout needing to buy a mouse no?

I and many other which reccomend me this viewer which play combat games in Sl would really love to see this features in Cool Vl viewer, damn i would even pay for them to have them :)

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