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Important note about the Cool VL Viewer support: PLEASE READ 
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In the Cool VL Viewer TOS/Usage policy (linked to on the website, present as a CoolVLViewerReadme.txt file in the viewer installation directory, presented on first launch of the viewer as a mandatory TOS acceptance dialog, and finally, visible in the "About" floater, "Usage Policy" tab), there are two very important phrases in paragraph 1 about the viewer support:

This software is not provided or supported by Linden LabĀ®, the makers of Second LifeĀ®.

Support for this viewer is provided exclusively through the Cool VL Viewer forum (

Also, in the "Help" menu of the viewer, you will find two entries "Cool VL Viewer support..." and "Bug Reporting" --> "Report Cool VL Viewer bugs..." that, when clicked, will open a browser right into this forum.

Despite all these precautions and facilities, some people keep bothering Linden Lab's support team with Cool VL Viewer specific issues. This causes a burden for the Lab that they don't want to (and actually cannot) deal with, since they don't have any clue of how the viewer is supposed to work and only provide support for their own, official viewer.

Such a behaviour from undisciplined and careless users causes troubles to the Lab, to myself, and as a consequence, to every other Cool VL Viewer user !
As an example, the Lab asked me (more like demanded in fact), that I would provide a v2/3 viewer compatible algorithm for the initial outfit restoration on login; the reason is that some people using several different viewers were surprised to see, on return to the Cool VL Viewer, their avatar's outfit being restored to what it last wore on last logout from the Cool VL Viewer (i.e. ignoring any change made to the outfit during other viewers sessions). Instead of inquiring on this forum, these people bothered Linden Lab with their "problem" (which is in fact just the expected behaviour of my viewer).
As a result, today's releases implement the (less reliable, since it depends on the asset server reliability and performances) COF-based outfit restoration on login.

This may seem a minor annoyance to you (especially since I obtained that the outfit.xml file-based algorithm could be kept as an advanced option defaulting to being off), but for me (and the Lab), it is extremely bothering.
If you, guys (and gals), keep doing that for all Cool VL Viewer-specific algorithms (that, while staying compatible with SL servers, do differ in their logic and working from v2/3 viewers: especially the UI and inventory-related features), then more such issues will creep up and, in the worst case scenario, I would be forced to adopt the very same UI logic than in LL's viewers, thus defeating the very purpose of the Cool VL Viewer !


Keep in mind that I made this viewer for myself in the first place and that I am the only person to decide how it should work and what features it should implement or not. I made this viewer publicly available as a free service to the SL (and OpenSim) community for like-minded people that found LL's viewer UI cumbersome and inefficient, but if this public availability is going to impair me and cause excessive constraints to what I can do with my own code to fulfill my own needs, then I would rather retire the Cool VL Viewer and keep it as private builds for myself and my close friends rather than having to abandon all the features that make it so unique and so much better-suited for my own needs and use.

If you don't like how my viewer works, then no problem: no one forces you to use it !

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