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Windows installation HOWTO 
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Here are the installation steps (in this example, for v1.28.2.42):

  • First, download the viewer from the website. In our example, the package is named:

  • As you can see the executable installer is now zipped (because, apparently, my ISP ruined Windows' executable files downloads from their web server, probably by adding some live virus scanning that times out). So, open the zip file and extract "CoolVLViewer-" from it before executing the latter.

  • Once the installer is launched, you will go through the following dialogs:

    Image Image
    Whatever the directory you choose to install the viewer into, it will be automatically remembered by the installer for future updates.
    NOTE: due to a bug in the installer program, when installing on a 64 bits system (which is now always the case for the provided official builds), it will suggest the "Program Files (x86)" folder. It does not really matter (the viewer will work fine, whatever the installation folder), but you would of course be well founded to point it instead to the right folder ("Programs Files" or "Programs"). EDIT: the default folder is now forced to \Program Files\).

    Nothing to say about this simple, progress dialog... Just watch and relax ! :)

    And we are done !...

  • If you have the "Program Compatibility Assistant" service ("PcaSvc") enabled, it may pop up a warning saying "This program might not have installed correctly" and propose you to "Reinstall using recommended settings": DO NOT "reinstall" anything (it would actually break everything !), and simply dismiss the dialog by choosing "This program installed correctly". (*)
    I would personally advise to disable the "compatibility assistant service" on your system: this thing is plain bogus (99.9% of the time, it will spew warnings about false positive compatibility issues) and totally useless anyway (you can switch yourself the compatibility modes from the Properties dialog for problematic program files), plus it can prove dangerous by applying "fixes" that break fully compatible programs.
  • The Cool VL Viewer makes use of the gstreamer libraries, CODECs and plugins to play streaming media (land media and "shared" media). You will need to install the 64 bits gstreamer runtimes if you wish to be able to view streaming media. Get them from here and perform a "Complete" installation.
  • Do not forget to tell the Windows firewall about the Cool VL Viewer and its auxiliary programs (SLPlugin and SLVoice), else the firewall might block them from accessing the network...

(*) For the techies among you, that warning is due to the fact that the installer program (InstallJammer) is an old one, that did not have the Windows Vista (and newer) compatibility keys built into its manifest. You can safely ignore and dismiss such bogus warnings (the installed program is fully compatible, even if the installer is "old" and doesn't advertize itself as newer-Windows-compatible: and yes, the installer itself is also actually fully compatible, even with Windows 11).
And no, you can't change the installer manifest with Visual Studio MT.exe, because InstallJammer is a TclKit program (a Tcl/Tk program with its own Tcl/Tk interpreter embedded), and MT does not know how to deal with such programs (it would totally break the installer by overwriting/corrupting the Tcl/Tk bundled app). Only a full re-compilation with an updated manifest file could solve the issue, but alas the current MinGW/CygWin bundles prove incapable of rebuilding that old (but totally gorgeous) InstallJammer installer... If anyone got an old MinGW (or CygWin) bundle available (2012-ish or older bundle), that might properly rebuild InstallJammer, please let me know...

2009-06-02 18:23:31
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Where the Hell does the viewer store its settings files and logs (chat logs, IMs and groups logs, technical logs) under Windows ?

The chat and IM logs path can be found in the Preference floater, "IM & Logs" tab, "Logging options" section, next to the "Change Path" button. In this directory you will find as many sub-folders as you have got avatars (and for avatars on OpenSim grids, the folder is named following the avatar_name@grid_name convention), each containing the logs associated with them.

For the technical logs, see this wiki page.

The user settings are in a user_settings sub-directory, in the same directory as the technical logs folder.

2009-08-01 21:40:53
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Uninstalling can be done by simply executing the "uninstall.exe" program present in the Cool VL Viewer installation directory (the "Uninstall Cool VL Viewer v1.26.X" menu entry may also be used to launch the corresponding "uninstall.exe" program).

"uninstall.exe" removes all the files part of the Cool VL Viewer installation, the menu entry and the registry entries. It won't uninstall any supplementary files that you would have added to the viewer installation directory.

Please note that you do not need to uninstall a release (e.g. v1.26.18.14) before updating to a newer release (e.g. v1.26.18.15): simply install the new release in the same directory as the old one if you don't want to keep the old release, or choose another destination directory to install the new release if you wish to keep the old release at hand.

2011-11-12 18:41:24
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The Cool VL Viewer is capable of using "static" UI sounds instead of UI sounds downloaded from the grid asset server. This has several advantages:
  • Static UI sounds play without delay (they do not require a first download, and they are pre-decoded).
  • Static UI sounds can play at the login screen (i.e. before the viewer connects to the grid).
  • Static UI sounds prevent the UI sounds mix encountered when you log in different grids (since non-static UI sounds are stored in the viewer cache (VFS file) and are different in SL and OpenSim grids but yet share the same UUID, you can get a mix of them when you log in various grids).
Alas, Linden Lab does not allow TPV developers to distribute SL's default UI sounds together with their viewer (this is pretty stupid, since they allow to distribute all the other UI components, such as the icons... but LL does a lot of stupid things, alas !).

So, to take benefit from the static UI sounds feature of the viewer, you will have to install them yourself via the following procedure...

Proceed as follow:
  • Log in and in the "Advanced" -> "Caches" menu, select the "Clear VFS Cache (after restart)" entry: this is only required to get rid of the sounds that have have been cached in the saved VFS.
  • Log off/close the viewer and launch it again/log into SL.
  • Make sure the master audio and UI audio are not muted and their level set so that UI sounds are audible (else they won't play at all and therefore won't get decoded).
  • Go to the "Advanced" -> "User Interface" menu, and choose "Decode all UI sounds". You should hear all the UI sounds playing in sequence.
  • Once all UI sounds have been heard (this may take a few seconds for the viewer to download them all), still in the "Advanced" -> "User Interface" menu, click the "Save decoded UI sounds" entry.

Done ! From now on, the Cool VL Viewer will use the (now static) decoded sound files present in the user_settings/ui_sounds/ directory instead of fetching them from the asset server of the grid you are connected to.

2011-11-12 19:03:23
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The Cool VL Viewer now makes use of the gstreamer v1.0 libraries and CODECs to play media streams, in place of the old, deprecated, bug riddled QuickTime for Windows.

In order to see media streams playing with the Cool VL Viewer, you will need to download and install the corresponding 64 bits gstreamer package (note: I have seen problems with the new gstreamer v1.12 under Windows: better using the v1.10 release for now, which is what the former link is pointing at).

Please make sure to perform a "Complete" installation, or use the "Custom" installation option and install all the playback related CODECs, the libav wrapper and everything play-back related (you can skip the encoding CODECs, the DVD support and the devel tools).

2016-07-16 22:23:29
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