NOTE: this page is deprecated (many more features exist and most features listed here have been greatly expanded). For an exhaustive and up to date list of features and credits, please browse the Changelog forum.

List of patches used in the Cool VL Viewer v1.25.0:

Here is the exhaustive list of patches applied to the original Snowglobe sources to build the Cool VL Viewer v1.25.0.40. The many additional code changes in the Cool VL Viewer v1.26 are listed in details in the announcement forums (since the changes are not provided any more as individual patches, it would be unpractical to list them here).

  • Collaborative work (patches that I either helped to improve or that I ammended significantly):
  • "Trivial" backports (these patches were created by me but only contain differences between older and newer versions of the viewer (no code added/changed by me beside "trivial" adaptations to the older code), i.e. the actual authors of the fixes are Lindens or orther JIRA contributors):
  • Patches by Aleric Inglewood:
  • Patches by Armin Weatherwax:
  • Patches by Gigs Taggart:
  • Patches by Nicholaz Beresford:
  • Patches by Qarl Linden:
  • Patches by Shyotl Kuhr:
  • Patches by Siana Gearz:
  • Patches by Thickbrick Sleaford:
  • Miscellaneous patches: